Suzy Kassem

You can give a man who has never given you a good word,
Volumes of knowledge.
And you can give a man who has never given you a gift,
A thousand gifts.
You can give that same man who has never given you a blessing,
A thousand blessings.
And you can offer that same man who has never
Offered a hand to help you grow,
Seeds to help him grow a garden.
And while you have never seen true kindness from his direction,
You still continuously offer to hold him up -
Even though in the end,
He only wants to be the hand that pulls you down.
Do not worry, my friends.
Cause and effect was written by the stars of the universe.
He who passes suffering onto others
Will also have that suffering passed onto his own children.
Gifts he feels he should have in the next lifetime will be unobtainable.
And the help he needs to grow in the next lifetime will be unavailable.
And the people he cuts down that were good to him,
Will cut him down in the next lifetime.
What goes around does come back again,
Even through your children.
There is a vibrational effect
In every action,
Just as there is
A vibration that rings
From every letter
In every word.
No cause occurs without effect
And no effect occurs without cause.
No unjust action goes without penalty
And no action or thought
Flows unnoticed
The universe.


Taken from Rise Up and Salute the Sun, 2010. First published in Truth is Crying, 2008.

Copyright 1994 - 2016. All rights reserved.

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