I get frustrated when a guy
Don't speak his mind,
But at the same time -
I get suffocated when a guy
Reveals too much.

I want the guy
Who stays away,
But those guys that
sway too close -
I want on the next flights
Out to Bombay.

So how do you persuade a girl like me?

Just play it straight until my mind is made.

Don't get in my face every day
Or try to contact me every hour
The irritancy will only make me want
To erase your name.
The essence of you will grow cold
And sour

Let me miss you
And crave your voice
Just don't be pushy
And try to force
My choice

Give yourself a chance -
To make way into
My wildest and wettest

Because only when you're faraway

I can feel what your absence
Really means.

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